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  • Remind me, what actually is Vistag?

    Vistag is a solution for people who want to make images on their website shoppable and more interactive. The difference from all the other tools out there is that Vistag is exceptionally easy to use and yet very versatile. And don’t forget – all the tagging happens on your website, not in some proprietary dashboard.

  • How is Vistag different from Linklay?

    There are more differences, but the most important one has been mentioned above – we don't require you to spend time uploading images to a proprietary dashboard and then copy HTML code for every single image you'll ever want to tag. It all happens seamlessly on your own website.

Starting with Vistag

  • How does Vistag work?

    It's simple. First of all, you sign up and then we provide a tiny bit of code you paste before the </head> part of your website's code. Once the connection between us and your site has been established, a small yellow “+” button will appear on the right side of every image on your website. Now you are able to start adding vistags directly on your page whenever you visit it. Remember, it all works based on an authentication cookie in your browser that’s established once you log in to Vistag. Private sessions or switching between browsers will therefore not work.

  • How do I tag images?

    Once the script is active and the authentication cookie works in your browser you simply click on the yellow button on the right side of the image you'd like to tag. Then choose between adding a Product, Link or Text vistag. Product vistag works best for buyable items and a Link vistag takes care of the rest. And if you simply want to add some information to the image, choose Text.

  • I have a Wordpress site, is it possible to integrate Vistag?

    Yup! There's a free plugin available for you to use. Check it out here. Here's how to set it up directly from Wordpress.

    1. Open Plugins > Add New
    2. Search Vistag
    3. Install
    4. Activate Vistag plugin through the Plugins tab
    5. Open Vistag from the left panel
    6. Click on Log in. You will be redirected to our site where you'll need to Sign up or Log in. The authentication cookie will be saved and you'll be redirected back to WordPress. Now you're ready to start tagging!


  • I can’t tag images on my site. What should I do?

    If you have completed all the points in Starting with Vistag and you still can't tag images, it's likely because the authentication cookie timed out (or you’re running Safari that sometimes blocks cookies). Try logging back in to Vistag and click ‘Add vistags’ in the dashboard, that should do the trick. If not, contact us at

  • Vistag seems to be clashing with some elements of my website, what should I do?

    Images with heavier CSS animations or positioning, carousels, lightboxes – all of these elements sometimes don't work entirely as expected when you combine them with Vistag. The solution is usually to set the vistag's z-index lower than the element that should be on top of the vistag. You can do that in your dashboard.


  • I'd like to link Google Analytics, what do I do?

    In Dashboard / Websites settings you can set up the Google Analytics UA and connect your Google Analytics account. Vistag then sends these events to the account:

    Show - view of a vistag (the target URL is a part of the event).

    Click - click through vistag (the target URL is a part of the event).

  • Does Vistag work with affiliate links? What about UTM parameters?

    We fully support affiliate links, including UTM parameters. You can add them individually or set default UTM parameters in the dashboard.

  • What about the data you're collecting? Should I be concerned?

    Absolutely not, we take privacy very seriously and we're fully GDPR compliant. If you’d like to delve deeper into what data we're (not) collecting, it’s all thoroughly described in our documentation.

  • Can I customize vistags?

    Yes, starting with the Premium plan you can set your preferred colors and so on. We can design and implement custom vistags for your brand if you choose the Enterprise plan.

  • Can I tag videos with Vistag?

    Sadly, no. At least not yet, as we're tirelessly working on making this feature available. Just imagine the possibilities!

  • Can I tag images on social media?

    Unfortunately, that is also not an option as all the social media sites do their best to prevent third parties from joining in on the fun.

  • Should I pay for Premium or stick with the free version?

    If you're OK with the restrictions of the free version, sure. But once you need a bit more cowbell or your website has more than 10.000 pageviews per month, you should start thinking about going Premium. And if your site has more than 150.000 pageviews per month, let us know and we'll work out an Enterprise offer tailored for your particular needs.

  • What happens when I paste an URL into a vistag? What about meta tags?

    Meta tags are voluntary, but we do pull a lot of useful info from the target URL, including the image, headline and description. The only thing that we refresh automatically is the price, if the vistag:price attribute is found in the product. Learn more in our documentation.

  • Is it possible to add more users to my account?

    Yup. To do so, head over to the Dashboard -> Users. How many you can add depends on whether you run the Free, Premium or Enterprise version of our service.

  • Is it possible to use Vistag with GTM?

    The Vistag application supports inputting the script through GTM. Start by setting up a “new tag”, input the Vistag script through “Custom HTML”, check “Triggering in all websites” and you're done.

  • How does your script differentiate between individual images?

    We do that based on the src element of an image. If an image has the same src element, it is considered as a same image.

  • Can I use Vistag with more websites?

    You can manage more websites from a single Vistag account. We differentiate between them based on the domain and/or subdomain, so and are considered two different sites. The number of sites you can implement Vistag on varies based on the subscription plan that you're on.

  • Will I receive a proper invoice for using Vistag?

    Yes, of course.

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If there’s anything you feel we’ve left out here, check out Vistag’s full documentation for more info. Or you can always e-mail us at

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